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About Me

Your Creative Source for Graphic Design

Hi, my name is Neil Goodman: Working as a graphic designer for well over two decades has given me a clear understanding of what makes you, the customer, tick.

Whatever your graphic design needs are give me a call. I'm more than happy to work closely with you, so you feel totally involved in the design process, as I uncover the right format and look for a creative piece. Or if getting creative just isn’t your thing, I can take a brief and disappear for a while, before wowing you with my creations!

I am  totally focused on getting the job done and promise that once you’ve experienced the delights of Good Design, there’ll be no turning back.

Remember the words of Thomas Watson Jr. (Chairman of IBM)

"Good Design is Good Business"

I also run a small Etsy shop called 'THE MERCHANDISE STAND' selling uniquely designed t-shirts, mugs and posters, in case you're looking for a gift or two! 

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